[R] Incidence of Thyroid Cancer in post-Chernobyl Belarus - Making an Animated Map

HBO’s latest mini-series Chernobyl is both haunting and gripping in retelling the events that followed the night of April 26th 1986. The show is not only a fascinating window into the Soviet world that once was, it also serves as a contemporary reminder of “what is the cost of lies”, to quote the final episode’s ultimate line. The explosion of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant’s reactor 4 was an environmental and human disaster that impacted countless lives across Europe.

[R] Plotting results from extRemes package - Extreme Value Analysis

If you are familiar with Extreme Value Analysis (EVA) in R you will have likely come across the extRemes package, written by Eric Gilleland. While I am not (yet!) an expert in EVA, I have found this package to be quite accessible. The package’s main function, ‘fevd()’, fits an extreme value distribution to data. Methods for plotting are available for objects of class ‘fevd’ to produce diagnostics and result plots, such as a return level plot.