[R] Incidence of Thyroid Cancer in post-Chernobyl Belarus - Making an Animated Map

HBO’s latest mini-series Chernobyl is both haunting and gripping in retelling the events that followed the night of April 26th 1986. The show is not only a fascinating window into the Soviet world that once was, it also serves as a contemporary reminder of “what is the cost of lies”, to quote the final episode’s ultimate line. The explosion of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant’s reactor 4 was an environmental and human disaster that impacted countless lives across Europe.

Daenerys' Descent into Madness

Madness in literature and film is a powerful and gripping theme at the center of many classic tragic stories. The psychology of anti-heroes moving towards their seemingly inevitable downfall raises deep questions over our minds’ capacity for self-destruction. Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones very much follows this character arc in her transformation from a just and lovable Khaleesi into the Mad Queen. The burning of King’s Landing in Season 8 Episode 5 had all the ingredients to fulfil a descent into madness worthy of Shakespearian plays.