The Lies About France's Alleged War on Islam

Another article of mine published in Areo Magazine. I wrote this in the aftermath of Samuel Paty’s assassination, the French teacher who was beheaded by a terrorist for having shown the Charlie Hebdo caricatures to his students during a class on free speech. The international reaction to Emmanuel Macron’s eulogy for Paty was perplexing. It showed a deep misunderstanding of the French context and sometimes even attempts to sow division by spreading false information.

COP21: The Anchor to the Storm in Paris

This post was originally written for the EnvEast Doctoral Training Partnership student blog. EnvEast is a collaboration between three UK universities, including University of East Anglia where I am carrying out my PhD. The blog can be found here “Fluctuat Nec Mergitur” “Battu par les flots, mais ne sombre pas. Tossed by the sea, but not sunk.” The centuries-old motto, which appears on the French capital’s crest, has been a central rallying cry in the wake of the Paris attacks.