The Lies About France's Alleged War on Islam

The Lies About France's Alleged War on Islam

Another article of mine published in Areo Magazine. I wrote this in the aftermath of Samuel Paty’s assassination, the French teacher who was beheaded by a terrorist for having shown the Charlie Hebdo caricatures to his students during a class on free speech. The international reaction to Emmanuel Macron’s eulogy for Paty was perplexing. It showed a deep misunderstanding of the French context and sometimes even attempts to sow division by spreading false information. Here is a quote from my piece:

“Racism and discrimination must be stamped out. But accusations of state-sponsored Islamophobia are not just irresponsible—since they are used to justify terrorism—but dangerously blur the distinction between French Muslims and Islamists, a conflation encouraged by both Islamists and the Muslim-hating far right. This confusion has spread to the US press. Both the Washington Post and the New York Times have misrepresented the situation as a crackdown on Muslim groups by the French government.”

Read the full text here:

For French speakers, the article was also featured in France Culture and presented by Brice Couturier:

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