Catherine Deneuve, #MeToo, and the Fracturing Within Feminism

Catherine Deneuve, #MeToo, and the Fracturing Within Feminism

I recently had the opportunity to write an opinion piece for Quillette, an online magazine on Science, Tech and Politics.

When 100 women, including Catherine Deneuve, signed a letter warning over potential excesses of the MeToo movement, they faced a serious backlash. I argue that their nuanced view is valuable and is not only compatible with the fundamental message behind #MeToo, but can also help it lead to concrete change.

Check out the article on Quillette for more on that.

As an anecdote, my article was shared by one of the 5 original authors of the letter, Peggy Sastre. For all its faults, social media does provide an amazing reach for voices that would have no reason to be heard other than for the ideas they express.

Ulysse Pasquier
Postdoctoral Scholar

Postdoctoral Researcher in Urban Hydro-Climate

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